The ArdweeNODE is designed to have small circuit boards plugged in to expand its IO capability, in much the same way as other similar boards including the Arduino. These modules provide IO interfaces to the ArdweeNODE mother board, therefore they are known as ArdweeMODs.

The main difference between the ArdweeNODE and other similar products is that there is provision for a simple addressing scheme implemented on the backplane, this gets around the problems often encountered with using identical boards or boards that need to use the same signals.

The following graphics show the IO modules that are in the planning stage, either on paper or just in my head.

I'm still working on the these icons, they should allow a method to illustrate a network and the IO available on various nodes. The numbers show the number of channels etc. An example is the following for a module that measures voltage.

Proper details about these IO modules will be available soon.

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