0428 920 333, this is my only number, it's a mobile phone so we may be out of range at times.

From overseas ring +61 428 920 333

web site: or
PO Box 450
Gin Gin, QLD

There are currently three engineers with an active interest in using and developing for ArdweeNET, we are situated in Australia and the US.

We could do with as wide a range of people involved as possible though so if you have an interest as a hardware developer, programmer, potential test site etc please get in touch.

It's very early days, at the time of writing (Nov '12) we have just committed to the first batch of prototype PCBs so there is plenty of scope to get involved at any level from suggesting a feature to designing an IO module or writing an Android app.

NOTE: One particularly important function required right now is to cast a critical eye over the network software design. I have a fairly large document that describes this that I can send to any experienced programmers with an interest, even better if you have this sort of networking experience, IE RS-485 based control networks.

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