The APE (ArdweeNET Protocol Engine) is an LPC1227 32-bit processor that is dedicated to implementing the ArdweeNET protocol. It interfaces with other APEs on one side via the A and B links and with an “application” on the other side.

The APE firmware is divided into two main sections, the protocol engine and the application interface.

Protocol engine – This handles all the details of interfacing with the network. It accepts formatted frames from the application interface and sends them to the network. Conversely it receives frames from the network and passes them to the application interface.

Application interface – This code interfaces with the various IO ports available on the APE. The hardware connected to these ports is the “application” and this can vary from a single switch connected to a digital input to a data acquisition module with an SPI interface or even a complex single-board computer. The only application interface being written at present is a generic I2C interface for use with an intelligent co-processor, specifically an Atmega1284 (aka “the Arduino”).

The APE code is open source and will be provided when stable.

Note that at present the APE is dedicated to work with the Arduino-compatible processor on the ArdweeNODE. However it is planned that in future it will be used for extremely small and cheap stand-alone nodes.

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