ArdweeNET is a medium-speed control network designed to monitor and control devices in hobby, commercial or light-industrial environment. It is a multi-master point-to-point protocol using a redundant-ring topology that allows all nodes to transmit frames when they please.

ArdweeNET is completely open source, both hardware and software.

Some of the main features are...

  • Open design, no royalties, licensing fees or costs for intellectual property. Creative Commons and/or GNU licenses will apply.
  • Up to 254 nodes per network, unlimited IO points per node.
  • Up to 1200m (4000') between nodes, maximum theoretical network length of 300km.
  • Nodes are Arduino software compatible.
  • Multiple networks easily connected with wireless or other link types.
  • Implements a "publishing and subscribing" model, nodes publish at will and subscribers act on the published data.
  • Very fault-tolerant redundant-ring topology.
  • Physical level can use any medium but RS-485 is currently defined.
  • Rogue applications, short circuits, cut wires cannot kill the network.
  • Eight-wire CAT5 cable and RJ45 8/8 modular jacks. Wiring includes power and data signals.
  • Nodes can use local power or be powered from the network.
  • Data rate variable up to 1Mbps.
  • Frames size fixed at 16 bytes with a payload of 10 bytes.
  • Large data packets automatically split into multiple 16-byte frames.

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